Begin Greening Your Home Today!

A green home is energy-efficient, uses water and natural resources wisely, creates minimal amounts of waste and provides a healthy and safe environment for your family. This means not only are you saving a significant amount of money you are helping the planet.

Here at Eco–Search we believe that everyone can begin to improve the impact they have on the environment regardless of their budget. We believe your home is a great place to start as there are so many things that can be done that will have an immediate impact. We have searched and searched so you don’t have to. We will list as many ideas as we can find and many of them will have been located elsewhere on the web. We do not claim to have discovered these techniques nor do we imply that about anything on this site. We are acting as a collection of the best ideas we find to help improve the chances that everyone will find at least one way of making a change for the better that works for them. We at Eco–Search will try are best to give credit to the original creators of any articles. If you find an article that you believe has been copied or credited to the wrong source please contact us immediately. More importantly if you know of a method that we do not have listed please provide us the information so we may share your knowledge with the world. Where applicable we will provide our opinions on whether a product or method is as good as claimant. We receive no kick backs or funding of any type from any products that we review and make no representations that we are the most qualified expects on any subject. We simply express the experience we had and any observations that we believe. We believe that we live in a society where decisions are unfortunately based on which product has the best marking budget rather then which products work the best, and we believe that this harms the environment and each of us individually. Our goal is to try to get past the marketing gimmicks and let you know what actually can make a sustainable difference.

We will separate the greening your home section into several parts.

  • Greening your existing home.
  • Green New Home Construction.
  • Outside Greening Ideas